„JDAQ“ is a stand alone application based on the Nimue platform for data aquisition with the focus on motion data. It can be combined with UpperLimb software and further data analysis software tools integrated under the hood of a shared ui.

„JDAQ“has been created for quick and easy integration of data streaming systems. Furthermore it includes components to automating complex control of external systems like robots for research purposes.



JDAQ 0.32 - 2020-07


  • The Vicon/Ros-Bridge sends sometimes zero value as timestamps which results in excetions thrown by Interpolation/resampling-functionality. The functionality is now more robust and interpolates such frames automatically.


  • Datacollection with a sequence of trials: Pressing a key to start datacollection with the next trial-type is configurable. This allows to recording a sequence of trials with or without pressing a key before each trialtype.

JDAQ 0.31 - 2020-06


  • Each MeasurementSystem defines a recording sample rate. The measurement units can sample each which a different rate. To save all timeseries with the same sample rate a resampling is done if needed.

JDAQ 0.3 - 2020-05


  • New functionality to create a session folder with the name of the current date („YYYYMMDD“) in the data folders; available in the measurement/data folder nodes context menus.
  • New Action „List ROS Topics“ in the Tools menu to list available ROS topics for testing purposes.
  • Listen to specific ROS topics publishing UR specific data, e.g. temperatures and joint angles. A specific UR ROS driver branch developed bei the FZI is used.

Planed/known bugs to fix

  • Recording can not be canceled reliable via UI.
  • After processing, which adds a new d3d-file in the nodes hierarchiy the children are not shown. A restart of the application is needed
  • The UI of the Action „create new session folder“ does not show if a given folder name already exists.
  • The Action „Load config“ fails but configuration is loaded correctly if recording is started.

JDAQ 0.2 - 2020-03



  • ROS Trigger implementation: Save additional attributes, as defined in measurement configuration xml.

JDAQ 0.1 - 2019-12

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