RTDE measurement system integration

RTDE is a realtime communication stack to communicate with robots from Universal Robots, witch have controller hardware equal or newer than CB3 and works best with the e-series.

It is based on JRTDE2, a java library wrapper for the RTDE client library. Connections to one or more robot systems are possible.

The value of the attribute „system“ from the element <MeasurementSystem> has to be set to „RTDE2“.

Example configuration fragment:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<MeasurementProcess name="Test RTDE measurement system integration">
 <MeasurementSystem id="default" system="RTDE2" fileSuffix="rtde">
        <Property name="sampleRate" value="120.0"/>
        <Property name="dnsidentifiablename" value=""/>
        <TransducerUnit name="actual" displayName="Actual">
                <Channel name="URAngle0"/>
                <Channel name="URAngle1"/>
                <Channel name="URAngle2"/>
                <Channel name="URAngle3"/>
                <Channel name="URAngle4"/>
                <Channel name="URAngle5"/>
                <Channel name="URAngularVelocity0"/>
                <Channel name="URAngularVelocity1"/>
                <Channel name="URAngularVelocity2"/>
                <Channel name="URAngularVelocity3"/>
                <Channel name="URAngularVelocity4"/>
                <Channel name="URAngularVelocity5"/>
                <Channel name="rx"/>
                <Channel name="ry"/>
                <Channel name="ry"/>

The <MeasurementSystem>-element has the following additional properties:

Property name Description Optional
dnsidentifiablename A name possibly resolveable by the DNS No

Available units and channels

Unit name UR Tag Description Channel name Channel type Unit Type
actual actual_q Actual joint positions/angles for 6 segments. URAngle<index>, -1 < index < 6 ANGLE rad REAL[6]
actual actual_qd Actual joint velocities/anglevelocities for 6 joints. URAngularVelocity<index>, -1 < index < 6 VELOCITY rad/s REAL[6]
actual actual_current Actual joint currents for 6 joints. URCurrent<index>, -1 < index < 6 CURRENT A REAL[6]
actual actual_TCP_pose Actual Cartesian coordinates of the tool: (x,y,z) v<index>, -1 < index < 3 POSITION mm COLUMN_VECTOR_3D
actual actual_TCP_pose Actual orientation of the tool: (rx,ry,rz), where rx, ry and rz is a rotation vector representation of the tool orientation r<index>, -1 < index < 4 ROTATION_VECTOR rad COLUMN_VECTOR_3D
actual joint_temperatures Temperatures in 6 joints of an UR-robot. URt<index>, -1 < index < 6 TEMPERATURE °C REAL[6]
actual timesamp Time elapsed since the controller was started. T TIMESTAMP s REAL
target target_q Target joint positions/angles for 6 joints. Angle<index>, -1 < index < 6 rad REAL[6]
target target_qd Target joint velocities/angularvelocities for 6 joints. AngularVelocity<index>, -1 < index < 6 rad/s REAL[6]
target target_qdd Target joint accelerations/angularaccelerations for 6 joints. AngularAcceleration<index>, -1 < index < 6 rad/square(s) REAL[6]
target target_current Target joint currents for 6 joints. Current<index>, -1 < index < 6 A REAL[6]
target target_moment Target joint moments for 6 joints. Moment<index>, -1 < index < 6 Nm REAL[6]
target target_TCP_pose Target Cartesian coordinates of the tool (x,y,z,rx,ry,rz), where rx, ry and rz is a rotation vector representation of the tool orientation mm REAL[6]

RTDE measurement system integration

rtde_socket_ip IP adress to connect to the rps web socket. No
rtde_socket_port Port number to connect to the rps web socket. No
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